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“Mist Journey” is a multiplayer dungeon adventure game. Players can control three characters, starting from the shelter on the top of the mountain, facing the fog-permeating the entire continent, both mysterious and corrosive.

2021/5/9 review

First, let’s start with the summary. The game is a good game. It’s not bad at the moment. Simplified Chinese has a high degree of completion. The unique hand-painted style and good fighting effects are very addictive. The difficulty of the difficult dungeon is enough to make you drink a pot. (Let us have more people to play together)

Then let’s talk about the details of the game

Game content
1. I know that many people are very concerned about online. First of all, with the support of the accelerator, there is no problem connecting with friends. However, if someone drops the game, they can only restart the game. Unfortunately, you cannot reconnect. of. There is a single-player matchmaking mechanism, but given the current unpopularity of the game, it is almost impossible to match people, so it is best to play with people who have regular friends. There is AI in the single-player situation, and the intelligence of AI can only be said to be so-so.

2. The game content is relatively complete. Some bosses have Cthulhu elements, and the background story has a sense of religion, cult, and vampire. The roles are divided into warriors, wizards, and assassins, and the three work together. One person chooses a profession. Each profession is subdivided into roles with slightly different skills (more on this later). Each role has a different personal background to understand. In the fog of the background, you need to follow the order of the prompts to play the dungeons, and you can unlock the special rewards after completion.

3. The game currently has a total of eight pictures, some of which are long and short, and the shortest copy takes a lot of time, so don’t worry about being too short to play. The mechanism of each mob’s boss is also very simple and easy to understand. If it is difficult to understand, the difficulty will rise sharply due to the linkage of many elite monsters. It takes three people to work together to pass the level. The difficulty level in the later stage is very hearty.

4. In the case of the blacksmith system, materials need to be collected to build weapons and equipment. You can make it slowly from the bottom layer, or you can check the illustrated book to find this kind of fallen BOSS, and challenge the difficult original collection.

5. The hero system is to find survivors in the dungeon that need to be rescued. Sometimes you will see the hero in some places you saw for the first time, and you can unlock it after completing the dungeon.

5. The basic mode of the game is about three different professions playing a copy together, the equipment challenge is more difficult. In the case of a highly difficult copy, there may be challenging rifts, which can be challenged after entering. I have only seen two. One is to insist on fighting monsters and collect fifteen blue balls continuously. The second is to catch the elves alone. A small grid with only four thorns, the other two personal output, the mage must take care of the location output and the milkman. Successfully challenged will get red quality items with very good attributes.

Game advantage
1. Very harsh hand-painted style, 2.5 villain 3D background, full of skills and feedback, high difficulty and coordination requirements are also addictive, the game content is very fun. You can try equipment of different genres, and the special items of golden weapons are also full of fun to explore. The extra points are 1 level 3 points, up to 8 levels, and will be given again after the sanctuary level is fully upgraded, each item is up to 10, which may be for balance.
2. The decryption inside is also relatively simple, and the complexity of the graph is relatively low. Actually I am a little hesitant. This is still a disadvantage. I’ll talk together. I think you can open the door in the same scene without having to take the key in the same scene. You can make a map. It’s a little more complicated. Make a circle to create a three-dimensional sense like Figure 1. The map is generally a relatively linear exploration, and some side businesses can be added. This is my opinion.

Disadvantages of the game
1. First of all, the skeletons of the professional characters in the game are the same, and the actions are also skill disruptions. For example, the skill of A is 1234, the skill of B is 5236, and the skill of C is 7264. These are just a few skill combinations. Many of the differences are just differences in skills and passivity. This is the first point of criticism.

2. Next is an optimization problem of the handle, that is, when the handle uses the assassin’s jump cut, long press the display range to choose the landing point. The default is the farthest release, which prevents me from jumping and brushing skills in place. PC can do it. I do not