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  A new card pack in GungHo Online Entertainment’s Teppen features Ace Attorney and Dead Rising, adding to the game’s blend of Capcom franchises.

  By Jason Rochlin

  Published May 01, 2021


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  Fans of Capcom’s Ace Attorney franchise were recently treated to the announcement that The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will release outside of Japan on July 27, providing a pair of localized games set decades before the main series of tongue-in-cheek legal dramas. However, that wasn’t the only news about the series in April, as GungHo Online Entertainment’s mobile card battling game Teppen?also?revealed and released?Ace Attorney?content.

  Teppen is a game that has gathered almost every major Capcom franchise under one roof, including heavy-hitters like Street Fighter and Monster Hunter. With its “A Dark Agenda” update in March 2021 that featured Resident Evil’s Ada Wong as a new Hero alongside cards from the Strider franchise, Teppen introduced a pack rotation system meant to keep the game’s meta fresh as new expansions?released.


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  The card pack to follow “A Dark Agenda” was revealed to be “Ace vs. The People” with a cinematic trailer on April 16, and that update officially went live April 30. It is the first release that features three older sets being rotated out of Standard play, but in their place are cards centered around the?Ace Attorney and Dead Rising franchises. This new chapter in Teppen’s story also has an event where Phoenix Wright interrogates other Capcom characters to try and prove the innocence of Larry Butz after Mayor Cody’s statue is destroyed, with new abilities including gathering evidence from specific cards and presenting that to change the effects of other cards.


  Though the removed sets;?”DAY OF NIGHTMARES,” “The Devils Awaken,” and “The Force Seekers;” cannot be used in Standard play, GungHo told Game Rant in an interview this March that they can still be used in unranked modes, and older cards can be gifted to friends. The headlining Legendary card in this set is based on Miles Edgeworth, and according to a press release there will be a Phoenix Wright skin for the Hero Chun-Li coming in May. Fans can also sign up for the Teppen World Championship Series 2021 as of this writing.

  Teppen?is?available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

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