[MXGP 6 Release Date]There is a louder event,Also have a boom red wine stewed beef eat?Everything about MXGP,It’s enough to see this one!

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  Caring for Fengxian matters,Pay attention to “Shanghai Fengxian” one hand!

  Mid-Autumn Festival

  Still thinking about how to play in September in September?

  Xiaobian is recommended for a Mid-Autumn Festival holiday,

  Blue sky and white coconut tree.

  Every picture is the most beautiful wallpaper!

  Do you think,Is this over?

  of course not!More exciting look down ↓↓


  The autumn is high,The most suitable for approximately friends go to the beach to walk away.Dredging the sea,Talk about life.To discuss the sea is good,Mo is the bay of Shanghai Fengxian.Unlike the past,This year MXGP’s China’s first stop will also be held in the Mid-Autumn Festival in Fengxian Bay.

  What is MXGP?

  Mxgp,World Motorcycle Cross Country Championship,It is one of the highest level, the most influential, and most popular locomotive competition.The whole game scene has a speed and passion,It is very ornamentally, challenging,It is a very interactive global top sports event.With F1, WRC, MotoGP, the four major classic locomotive race events in the world’s fastest, and most passionate.

  What bright spots do China station mxgp live?






  As a racing car with a country-in-law in line with international standards – Shanghai International Cross Country,In the track design,Integrate into China, Shanghai and Fengxian Elements,”贤” glyphic track design,Integrate “to serve the sage,Singer culture;


  An ancient archway is still left in the field,As a refraction,Combine with Western sports,Added China’s unique human chant in the field.


  There are more card points in the game,MXGP exclusive background wall,Leave your “here”,Tell your friends at the moment, you are at the scene.Explosion your friends circle!



  special dishes

  There will be food from all over the world.Each color is gathered together.Every food and taste buds,It is like a trip,At this time,You will cross the mountains and the sea,Go all over the world.

  With its popular compound buffet mode,Collection of international cuisine in a family.Adhere to the concept of service, select fresh ingredients, provide exquisite tableware, top-level cuisine,To meet the various signs of different tastes

  VIP food


  More food


  Lotus shred mushroom chicken


  Mourning, red wine, beef


  Grilled Germany




  ◆ Gather a world-renowned manufacturer ◆


  During the event,BMW, Dukadi, Kawasaki, KTM, Yamaha, Arctic, Indian, Vespa, etc., the world-renowned motorcycle vehicles, etc.Make new car releases and display.

  ◆ Test drive experience ◆


  Multiple well-known motorcycle manufacturers will hold test drive experience activities on mini MXGP tracks.Painting, three jumps and other obstacles are all available,Fully feel the charm of cross-country.

  ◆ MXGP rider signature ◆


  Intermittent competition,We will also invite the MXGP drivers to sign the event area,What is the one of the off-road drivers behind the helmet,Whether it is still like a track in the track,Or is it a 20-year-old youthful blood?

  ◆ Claw energy activity show ◆



  Monster Energy will also come to the booth,Brand display,There is also a Monster small sister to interact, take a photo, and send a drink.

  ◆ China Mobile 5G new experience ◆


  5G intelligent new era,Just on the MXGP China Station,The start experience 5G speed and charm.There will be China Mobile’s live 5G experience hall and 5G live broadcast of “Mi Tie video”.Bring a new visual experience to the audience.

  ◆ The world’s top flower motorcycle performance ◆


  Extreme fancy motorcycle performance has become the world’s most ornaable sports project,It is the ultimate sports of competitiveness, performance and danger and one.Full of wild passion, speed pleasure, jumping, shocking,Just on the MXGP China Station,Look with a different motorcycle culture!

  ◆ Rock and roll concert ◆


  During the event,There are two top flower motorcycle performances and excitement, and the excitement.Remember pay attention to the timetable,Don’t miss the wonderful performance.

  ◆ Parent-child activity experience ◆





  In addition to the Chinese carnival,Of course, there is also a carnival belonging to the children.There will be multiple parent-child activities during the event.While drawing the distance,Put the motorcycle culture,Catch from the doll.Children can participate in the MXGP knowledge learning meeting on the spot.You can also experience balancing cars and electric ATVs.Combine theory and practice!

  ◆ Children’s performance special ◆


  In addition to 翻 全 场 电 表,There will be a child performance special place.Dance, recitation, stage play, allegro, etc.Let the purest children’s performance,Bring us back to the beginning of the heart ~

  More exciting activities,Welcome everyone to discover on the spot ~

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