[nintendo switch lifespan]WarioWare: Get It Together!

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  I posted this in the Switch forum, but realizing it’ll probably get more discussion in the WarioWare thread, I’m just going to share it here.

  So, Metroid Dread is obviously eating up a lot of attention right now, and rightfully so. We’ve also acknowledged Cruis’n Blast and its significance. But another title announced that maybe hasn’t been talked about quite as much, is WarioWare Get It Together.

  It wasn’t that long ago that if you’d asked me what my thoughts were on the WarioWare series, I would have said it looked like shovelware. I had never played the series aside from Game & Wario on the Wii U, and my impressions from that game were… not great. There were some interesting ideas but it just wasn’t that fun to play. As a result, I chronically overlooked the series for years, similar to WarioLand (but that’s another discussion).

  Then WarioWare Gold released on 3DS. And being a late release, and me being a 3DS collector, I wanted to grab it because I knew the physical run would be in low quantity. And since I grabbed it, I of course decided to play it and give the series another shot. And wow. It was not what I was expecting. It wasn’t anything like Game & Wario on Wii U. It had rapid fire microgames that took 5-10 seconds each, and they were incredibly addicting! You’d do one and it was onto the next, then onto the next, and on to the next. The games were creative, zany and all of them put you on the spot, requiring you to think on your feet and react fast. It may not sound that impressive by description or even by watching gameplay, but in practice it’s actually really hard to put down.

  And that’s when I realized I had foolishly misjudged the series based on one bad entry. I really did love WarioWare Gold. It was the perfect compilation of micro games, and great send off for the touch based entries up to that point.

  Now we have WarioWare Get It Together, and it’s back to button controls like the GBA entry, which I like. It also lets you control characters on the screen such as Wario and friends, and even offers 2p on the same system via split joycon. This is exactly the kind of game the switch needs. Of course we all love Mario and Zelda and Splatoon and Fire Emblem and Xenoblade and all the mainstays. But it’s that second tier of IP that really makes a Nintendo catalog pop. The Metroids, the WarioWares, the Mario Golfs, the Advance Wars, the Rhythm Heavens, etc… the less popular properties that help diversify from the mainstays (though it is my desire as many of these become mainstays as possible, particularly Metroid and WarioWare).

  I’m so glad we’ve finally reached a point in the Switch’s lifespan where the install base is large enough they feel comfortable shifting to their second tier properties. And given how well games are doing on Switch, this is a perfect opportunity for them to shine, and for many of these series to break through into mainstays